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Pasasana (Noose Pose): Steps and Benefits

Pasasana gets its name from the combination of two Sanskrit words - "Pasa" meaning "Noose" and "Asana" meaning "Pose." This pose imitates the act of tying oneself into a noose-like shape, symbolizing breaking free from self-imposed limitations.

Pasasana (Noose Pose)

The correct pronunciation of Pasasana is "Pah-sah-sa-na."

Pasasana primarily targets the spine, shoulders, hips, and thighs. It stretches the chest and shoulders while strengthening the back muscles, fostering a balance between flexibility and stability.

How to Perform Pasasana (Noose Pose)

  1. Start in a standing position with feet hip-width apart.

  2. Inhale, raise your arms overhead, and exhale, twist your torso to the right.

  3. Bend your knees, lowering your hips as if sitting in a chair, with your weight on the heels.

  4. Bring your hands together in a prayer position (Namaste) while twisting your torso to the right.

  5. Hook your left upper arm over your right thigh, pressing the palms firmly together.

  6. Engage your core and lengthen your spine, keeping your back straight.

  7. Take a few deep breaths in this twisted position.

  8. To release, untwist your torso, straighten your legs, and return to the starting position.

  9. Repeat the twist on the other side.

Pasasana (Noose Pose)

When to Do It

Pasasana is best practiced in the morning on an empty stomach or later in the day, at least four to six hours after a meal. Warm up your body with some gentle stretches before attempting this twist.

Preparatory Poses

Prepare your body for Pasasana with poses like

Uttanasana (Forward Bend)

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Lord of the Fishes Pose)

Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)

Follow-Up Poses

After exploring Pasasana, you can transition into poses like Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) or Parivrtta Parsvakonasana (Revolved Side Angle Pose) to deepen the twist and extend your practice.


Pasasana stimulates the Manipura chakra, igniting your inner power, confidence, and self-esteem.

Manipura chakra (Solar Plexus)

Mantra for this Pose

While in Pasasana, you can repeat the mantra "Om Shakti Om" to invoke the divine feminine energy and embrace the essence of this empowering pose.

Alignment Cues

  • Keep the spine long and avoid rounding the back.

  • Engage the core to support the twist.

  • Press the palms together firmly to assist in the rotation.

  • Ground the heels to maintain stability.

Duration of Hold

Hold Pasasana for about 30 seconds to one minute on each side, gradually increasing the duration as you become more comfortable.


Gaze over the right shoulder during the twist, maintaining a soft focus to enhance balance.

Physical & Spiritual Awareness

In Pasasana, feel the freedom in the twist and the release of tension. Embrace the symbolism of breaking free from self-limiting beliefs and connecting with your authentic self.

Beginners’ Tips

For beginners, it might be challenging to hook the arm over the thigh. Use a yoga strap or towel to assist in the twist. Start with gentler twists and gradually deepen as flexibility improves.

Who Should Not Do It

Individuals with shoulder, knee, or back injuries should approach Pasasana with caution or avoid it altogether. Pregnant women should refrain from attempting this pose.

Who Should Do It

Pasasana is suitable for intermediate and advanced practitioners looking to enhance their twisting abilities and explore new dimensions of their practice.

Benefits of Pasasana (Noose Pose)

  1. Spinal Mobility: Increases flexibility and suppleness of the spine.

  2. Digestive Health: Stimulates abdominal organs, aiding digestion.

  3. Hip Flexibility: Stretches and opens the hips, relieving tension.

  4. Upper Body Strength: Builds strength in the shoulders, arms, and upper back.

  5. Detoxification: Twisting action helps in detoxifying the body.

Variations of Pasasana (Noose Pose)

Advanced practitioners can explore binding the arms in a full twist or lifting the back foot off the ground, creating an additional challenge.

Modifications for Pasasana (Noose Pose)

To make the pose more accessible, use props like blocks to support your hands or practice the twist while sitting on a cushion.

Common Mistakes

Avoid collapsing the chest and rounding the back. Maintain a tall spine throughout the twist.

Safety and Precautions

Listen to your body and avoid forcing yourself into the pose. If you experience pain or discomfort, gently release the twist.

Additional Preparation Tips

  • Direction to Face: Face the east to absorb the rejuvenating energy of the rising sun.

  • What to Wear: Wear comfortable and stretchy clothing that allows freedom of movement.

  • Suitable Place and Essential Oil or Fragrance: Practice in a quiet and serene environment. Consider using uplifting essential oils like bergamot or eucalyptus to elevate your practice.

  • Music for this Pose: Choose soothing instrumental or meditative music that complements the serenity of Pasasana.

In conclusion, Pasasana symbolizes the beauty of untangling the knots that bind us, empowering us to embrace our true potential. Through this pose, find the freedom to release what no longer serves you and connect with your authentic self. Embrace the journey, honor your progress, and savor the blissful transformation this pose brings.

Happy yoga-ing, everyone!


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