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Purple Aura Meaning: Spiritual Significance of a Radiant Hue

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

A purple or violet aura signifies a blend of gentleness, peace, and wisdom that imbues a person's life. Individuals with a purple aura are often serene, exhibiting equanimity in their approach to life. They deeply care about their surroundings and believe their purpose is to make the world a better place for everyone. The colour purple is associated with the crown chakra, which represents a focus on spiritual matters and alignment with one's higher self.

Purple Aura Meaning

What Causes Our Aura to Turn Purple?

Our aura color can fluctuate from day to day, depending on our current mood or emotions. However, certain prominent colors represent our overall emotional and physical well-being. People develop a purple aura by prioritizing personal growth and nurturing their spiritual well-being through introspection and spiritual practices. If you have a spiritual outlook on life, practice mindfulness, and spend time in nature, you are likely to manifest shades of purple in your aura.

Personality Traits of a Purple Aura

Individuals with a purple aura are natural empaths who easily understand and relate to others' perspectives. This often leads them to go out of their way to help people and develop a deep passion for protecting the environment, animals, and their fellow human beings. Similar to indigo auras, those with a purple aura may possess intuitive gifts that can be mistaken for supernatural psychic abilities. Their contemplative nature often leads them to make decisions based on intuition rather than rational thinking. With their spiritual energy and purple aura individuals often find themselves drawn to healing professions, therapy, teaching, psychology, or guiding others on a spiritual path.

Purple Aura Meaning

Spiritual Significance of a Purple Aura

A purple or violet aura meaning indicates a person's desire to expand their spirituality and increase their spiritual awareness. These individuals are often drawn to exploring different aspects of spirituality, such as mythology, astrology, and Tarot. They may also be inclined towards meditation and yoga, seeking to expand their consciousness through various meditative practices. The color purple holds a unique position as it is visible in both the physical realm and the infrared spectrum, symbolizing the connection of purple aura individuals with both the physical and astral planes.

Understanding Different Shades of Purple Aura

Auras can manifest in different shades of color, each associated with distinct spiritual, emotional, or physical characteristics. The lighter the shade, the more positive energy it represents, while darker shades may carry negative energy.

Light Purple Aura Meaning

A light purple aura indicates a balance between spiritual intuition and knowledge of the physical world. Individuals with this aura form strong emotional connections to the world while maintaining a spiritual connection to the astral plane.

Dull Purple Aura Meaning

A dull purple aura may occur when the physical body is experiencing pain or discomfort, leading to a dampening of the usual intuitive abilities associated with purple auras. It can be challenging for individuals with this aura to access their spiritual insights.

Violet Aura Meaning

Violet is the purest and highest form of the purple aura. It signifies a balance between mind, body, and spirit. Those with a violet aura are contemplative, intuitive, and deeply in touch with their emotions. They often engage in practices such as meditation and yoga, honoring their mind and body for overall well-being. Many individuals with a violet aura possess a highly developed intuition derived from their connection with their higher self.

Lavender Aura Meaning

A light purple or lavender aura suggests a highly imaginative and creative individual. These dreamy individuals are often drawn to creative hobbies like painting, dancing, writing, or making music. While they may occasionally seem distant due to their active imagination and daydreaming, they lead rich and enjoyable lives.

Dark Purple Aura Meaning

A dark purple aura indicates struggles within one's spiritual journey. It may be a sign of being in a difficult situation or making decisions that are not aligned with one's true desires. Taking time for self-reflection is crucial to assess whether decisions are driven by instant gratification or alignment with one's inner truth.

The Purple Aura and the Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

The purple aura corresponds to the crown chakra, also known as the "Sahasrara," which is the highest chakra in the seven-chakra system. Located at the top of the head, the crown chakra serves as the connection between individual consciousness and universal consciousness. A blockage in the crown chakra indicates a need to reconnect with one's true purpose and embrace the higher self. Embrace the qualities of your purple aura, cultivate your spiritual growth, and deepen your connection with the world around you.

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