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What Color Is My Aura? - Methods for Aura Reading

Updated: Jun 2

Aura reading involves the ability to perceive a person's electromagnetic field and derive meaning from the colours it emanates. To grasp this technique, it is essential first to understand the concept of an aura. An aura is considered the energy field surrounding the physical body, exhibiting various colors and levels of vibrancy. Some individuals claim to possess psychic abilities like clairvoyance and heightened empathy, enabling them to perceive auras, while others rely on photography, visual manipulation, and personality testing.

What Color Is My Aura

How Can I Determine What Color Is My Aura??

Discovering 'What Color Is My Aura?' or your aura encompasses a range of approaches, some of which can be practised individually, while others require specialized equipment or professional assistance.

Aura Readers

Psychic mediums, often known as individuals with "extrasensory perception" or "ESP," possess a diverse range of psychic abilities. These abilities may include communicating with the deceased, foreseeing future events, energy healing, telepathy, and more. Those claiming to possess clairvoyance abilities assert that they can read and interpret a person's aura, often providing this service in exchange for payment. However, it is important to approach anyone claiming psychic powers with scepticism, as no scientific evidence supporting extrasensory perception has been discovered.

Aura Photography

What Color Is My Aura

Aura photography involves the use of specialized camera equipment to capture the electromagnetic field emitted by an object. This form of photography, known as biofeedback photography, requires the subject to receive an electrical charge while being photographed. The result is intriguing abstract photos that appear to reveal multi-colored body heat emanating from the person being photographed.

How Can Aura Pictures Be Interpreted?

Aura photos depict the electromagnetic energy surrounding the body image, displaying various vibrant colors. In addition to employing traditional aura color interpretations, the aura is divided into four sections, each with its own significance.

What Color Is My Aura
  1. Top Arch: This section represents one's goals and aspirations.

  2. Above the Head: The auric layer encircling the crown of the head signifies consciousness.

  3. Left of the Picture: This portion reflects one's emotional color and represents their current perspective on the world.

  4. Right of the Picture: This section signifies the energy one emits and how they are perceived by the rest of the world.

How Can I Read My Own Aura?

If consulting a psychic medium or utilizing aura photography is not your preference, you can learn to read your own aura independently. It is possible to perceive an aura without any special equipment, and its meaning can be determined using the following aura color guide:

What Color Is My Aura

Step 1: Find a white wall to serve as your background for the reading. Ensure the lighting in the room is neither too dark nor too bright. Natural light is ideal, but a soft lamp or candle can also suffice at nighttime.

Step 2: Open your hand and place your palm against the white background. Relax your eyes and focus on the space between your thumb and index finger, allowing your vision to become slightly blurred.

Step 3: Maintain your relaxed gaze on that spot for one minute. Gradually, you should start observing a colored emanation emerging from the edges of your fingers.

Step 4: Practice regularly. The more you practice aura reading, the easier it will become, and you will begin to perceive a wider range of color variations.

How Can I Read Someone Else's Aura?

The same technique can be applied to read another person's aura, with the only difference being that you will directly gaze at the person rather than their hands. Stand the individual whose aura you wish to read in front of a white background and focus your gaze on their forehead. Relax your eyes for a minute or two and employ your peripheral vision to observe the auric layer surrounding your physical body.

What Color Is My Aura

Can I take a photograph of my aura?

Eileen Lee, the founder of AURA AURA, offers professional aura portraits as a means to gain insight into various states of consciousness. These photographs are believed to help identify the energies one should attract to aid in the manifestation process. Lee describes them as affirming and validating, particularly during challenging times.

aura camera

The Special Camera: Eileen explains the necessity of using a specialized camera known as an aura camera. These devices are designed to record the energy that flows around you. Attempting to photograph your aura with a regular camera, such as an iPhone, is futile as it cannot detect the subtle energies required for this process.

Translating Frequencies to Colors: Aura photography involves the camera's algorithm translating the frequencies it reads from your body into corresponding colors. For instance, frequencies within the red range typically measure between 400-480 THz, while higher frequencies like indigo blue fall between 620-670 THz. The concept of energetic frequency is crucial in this context as it offers insights into the speed at which energy moves.

Compatibility of Auras

Connecting Energies Similarities with Astrological Signs As with astrological signs, certain aura colors are more compatible with others. Here's a breakdown of aura compatibility:

  1. White Aura: Compatible with any color but susceptible to absorbing others' emotions.

  2. Black Aura: Healing energy aligns with a golden aura.

  3. Gray Aura: Seeking purpose and meaning, the magenta aura can assist.

  4. Brown Aura: Opening the heart, the light green aura is beneficial.

  5. Red Aura: Manifesting passions, a bright green aura aids in this process.

  6. Orange Aura: Boosting positive vibes, a dark blue aura enhances compatibility.

  7. Yellow Aura: Vibrant purple aura inspires and motivates artistic ventures.

  8. Green Aura: Becoming more spiritually inclined with a lilac aura.

  9. Blue Aura: Achieving creative greatness by adding a pink aura.

  10. Indigo Aura: Feeling more social or inclined towards outdoor activities with a turquoise aura.

  11. Violet Aura: Understanding mutual emotions on a soulful level with a red aura.

Auras can Change Colors

Changing Colors Mood, Company, and Self-Care Auras, like moods, can change colors depending on various factors such as the energies we encounter and our level of self-care. Personal auras can be influenced by the energies around us, making it essential to prioritize self-care, hydration, sufficient sleep, and avoiding negativity. Fortunately, auras can be cleansed and regain vibrancy, even after experiencing challenging situations.

Cleansing Your Aura

Rejuvenating Energy Releasing Energies Not Your Own When we absorb energies from others that do not belong to us, it can leave us feeling off-balance, exhausted, or anxious. In such cases, cleansing your aura becomes necessary. Options for cleansing include bathing or showering with Epsom or Himalayan Salt, smudging your body and space with white sage, meditation, or using a selenite crystal to detoxify your energetic field.

Are there “good” and “bad” Auras?

While each aura color possesses positive qualities, the shades within each color can indicate varying energy levels. For example, dark green can signify jealousy, while emerald green suggests a life centred around love. Muddy or foggy auras indicate exhaustion, lack of confidence, and a need for rest and self-care. A "bad" aura may also result from challenging circumstances, but it tends to normalize as the balance is restored.

How Frequently to Check Your Aura?

Timing and Intuition Frequency of Aura Photography and Readings The frequency of getting your aura photographed or receiving aura readings depends on personal interest and circumstances. According to experts, there is no fixed timeline for these activities. It is more organic and intuitive. Some individuals prefer more frequent readings during periods of deep personal growth, while others opt for an annual birthday review. Trusting your intuition and connecting with your inner self is paramount, as you already hold the answers within you.

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